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The Training project

The activation of structural adjustment and strengthening of the seven universities of the region Campania prefigures a scenery of important synergies with national and European entrepreneurial system, Therefore, it is crucial to enabling learning paths ad hoc that creates professionals able to support over time the development and use of multi-service interconnection networks and multi-ultra high performance plan, essential for the introduction of innovative communication systems such as those covered by the project.

As A Matter Of Fact, the network model to make use, During its evolutionary process, the most advanced technologies, will push the bodies involved in the implementation of new technologies by directing them towards greater collaboration and mutual interconnection, at the same time supporting the development of new infrastructure for communications and distributed computing, enabling elements for new value-added services.

In this context, the training that you intend to deliver to create targeted figure of experts who are able to combine research and innovation with the management and expansion of the infrastructure and of the wide range of services that are enabled by the new network model.

In this section of the website you can find information regarding the objectives of the project and the Organization of Training related courses (Regulation, teaching and lesson calendar).

AND’ expected, In addition, an online form to contact the tutor, We will respond by email to the email listed.

Scientific responsible: prof. Carlo Sansone

Responsible for coordination: dott.ssa Stefania Grasso

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