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The University has always been called upon to play a dual task: on the one hand, It is the place where is guaranteed the transmission of knowledge, education, Professional and scientific training top, on the other hand, It is also the place where takes place the same creation, processing, transformation, dissemination of knowledge and knowledge. For this reason, managed training at university level, Although outside of courses under CdL, assumes a symbolic and strategic role in the knowledge society and is the place par excellence where the knowledge is value and resource for innovation and the development of the country.

A dissemination of knowledge is the main condition that tenders related to new professional profiles in the ICT sector are able to meet the challenges brought by changes. As A Matter Of Fact, decisions concerning Structural Funds targets viewed, over time, a progressive increase of investment in systems and training interventions, reflecting the greater attention paid to this sector, especially on a type of training that emphasizes the focus strategic and transversal skills, connected and interdependent with the "basic" skills and specialized ones.

Within the project are two priority levers:

  1. promote sharing of business processes between universities and businesses
  2. increase the employment prospects of new areas

The education project aims to create highly qualified professionals in the following areas:

1) Executive Management

The quality of the management of public and private organizations is a key factor for the competitiveness of a region and its economic and social development. Managerial skills, If properly identified, increased, managed and certified may constitute a development factor:

  • of the person (individual professional development)
  • of the Organization (scope of corporate competitiveness)
  • of the territory (framework of territorial competitiveness)

In addition, the dimension by which develops knowledge is global and the networks through which flow the ideas connect all over the world; Therefore, to compete globally, the training should be of such a level, pursuing the growing internationalization standards that encourage the creation of partnerships with public and private entities located abroad.

2) Business

The figure of the technico-commercial with expertise in strategic approach to new markets plays a primary role in that is able to translate it into marketing efforts and sales objectives by, analyzing the overall scenario of the reference market according to the offer and product-placement service, and to apply the rules governing trade and international law.

3) Technical Management

Convergence objective regions, still at a disadvantage compared to other Italian regions, the ability to operate on interconnect technologies and broad band communication is a key element in terms of employment and management, with important repercussions in the private/public. Specifically, network management of multiservice networking provided by project requires particularly experienced figures able to ensure ordinary and evolutionary maintenance, thereby ensuring sustainable development of new technologies, as well as their dissemination on the regional and national territory.

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