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The upgrade project

RIMIC is a new logical network model based on the paradigm "network on demand" and the widespread diffusion of optical fiber and the dynamic allocation of dedicated connections on wavelength division multiplexed WDM logic (Wavelength Division Multiplexing). This advanced network offers a more evolved and wide range of services, available on the entire regional territory, in compliance with strict constraints "safety”, “reliability” e “quality of service guaranteed”.

The infrastructure provides a wide range of networking services, available on the entire regional territory, can be used as support to research projects and training, and Government activity related structures; These services can be classified into two types:

  • application services "basic" (or "standard") directly provided to Consortium members University;
  • cloud infrastructure services with quality of service guarantees, involving the granting of use of parts of their infrastructure resources to third parties, whom, acting as a Service Provider, provide advanced application services to end-users through l’ network infrastructure RIMIC.

In the category of application services will consider the following:

  • corporate e-mail
  • internal VoIP phone services
  • institutional websites hosting
  • E-Learning : continuing education and technology transfer
  • remote measurement and laboratory research equipment through the networking of those
  • videoconferencing
  • access to services of scientific computing and grid computing
  • access to storage services
  • telemedicine

In the category of infrastructural services you may include:

  • Internet Exchange
  • hosting or colocation services
  • cloud services of type IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)



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