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Didactic activities

The training courses will be centered on methods based on active participation (for example, through role playing, simulations, etc.), bringing value to personal experiences thanks to a teaching-oriented a type approach to problems, thus increasing the sense of shared participation.

There are therefore different training methodologies, whom:

  • lectures by faculty experts
  • deepening of the content of lessons in self-managed e-learning mode
  • simulation activity, tutorials and workshop, case studies and problem solving methods
  • periodic checks of learning
  • internship at the subject actuators with writing a final work

The lessons will be conducted primarily in English.

It considers it essential provide an internship as a training, in the current scenario, economic and organizational, the skills required to human resources are less and less linked to the mere performance of a task in accordance with procedures determined in advance and increasingly linked to cross-type skills; in essence, This is to develop what are called course, targeted processes triggered that approach the training context to organisational contexts and, then, external interventions to classrooms.

The training activities will be handled by two different professional figures :

  • Professor
  • tutor

The figure of the teacher is framed as a facilitator of the learning process, from personal and individual needs of the subject.

The figure of the tutor is a stable point of reference for participants to the course and the teacher, providing support to the operational management of the course. For each course, In fact, the tutor, always present together with the teacher, will be responsible for work in the classroom exercises, and coordinate the work of students in laboratory simulations.

Monitoring the status of learning and liking of the modules provided will be handled through:

  • audits and evaluations of training, consisting of multiple-choice test prepared at each end form concerning the subject matter
  • monitoring tools, — feedback cards submitted to the students in order to assess the quality of teaching, the adequacy of the content of modules, the functionality of the learning environment, etc.

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